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Gay dating life in Amman. likes. Young man dating other men for the previous 10 years in Middle East mostly in Amman city. Looking for but.
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We have nearly 6 million jordanians. Each has his own hardship and concerns. Some form groups and specilize in different issues. What we have is social issues that need to keep on progressing. Every enhancement in human rights and social development will benefit the society at large. Let do what we can instead of kicking our problems to the backseat waiting the time that would never come. The point is simply, there is no harm in adopting a lot of causes at the same time since they all go hand in hand… and they are aware of that since they are not removed from the struggles of the rest of society and are not exclusive to the upper class west ammanis like the impression i get from people commenting here.

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They are just more visible and not really bothered about many rights, everything does start somewhere so i guess we can start with the right to exist and the space to exist. So it is worth the risk, to change minds and establish better understanding.

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  4. Rights are just supposed to be there, so whatever can be done to further the prevalence of rights on our society on any topic is a cause worth adopting. You will always have problems and challenges in every society and its a perpetual struggle to maintain your rights not just earn them. That is mainly because reality dispels myth so just by acknowledging that they are part of society and are there opens up the doors for change and discussion like whats going on right now.

    So let me get this straight no pun intended , and please take my comment fo what it is: It seems that there is a strong, vibrant Gay and Lesbian community in Jordan that contributes to society and is supported by the majority of people, or lets just say the majority of the young people in jordan today? I mean at least three people disagreed with me and i dont think anyone really agreed ….

    I gotta visit Jebel Amman next time in the JO…. Not sure that deep inside we like it, it might cross out minds, but that does not mean we act on it, there is a difference between thinking it and acting on it because that is where you would cross the line of actually being called gay. I heard the argument that if you are doing the pitching you are not necessary gay, well I completely disagree, if you are welling to engage in such act with someone other than a female, then you are definitely gay with no doubt, you are just denying it.

    Being an Arab and gay, I must agree, it is becoming more mainstream than it has ever been before, at least now when I visit Amman, I tend to see them roaming the streets, just visit Cheese Hilda in Swaifieh, you will be convinced, they are more mainstream than you might think. But his placid existence took on Kafkaesque twist earlier this year, when French authorities informed Minvielle that his expatriate idyll had cost him his French citizenship. The main reason, according to Minvielle and his supporters: If France the country of human rights and freedom did this, no one has the right to judge Jordan.

    Just a quick note, a large number of married Jordanian men, mostly uper class r gays they might admit and say BI after 10 years of their happily marriages their veil is lift over and many others b4, do we women ask for divorce?

    Amman’s small, underground gay scene mostly invisible to outsiders

    I agree with maha Am 43 male married to wonderful wife.. I dont know why? The cold, hard truth is that 1 in 5 men is fully homosexual across all cultures, biological profiles, and geographic areas of the world. Proven fact shared by hundreds of texts. I worked on a paper on homosexuality for my psychology class and these numbers are real and current as of research. Now, because men cannot be gay in Jordan, they do what they are supposed to do.

    Get married, have kids, and try to mask it and ride it out. Pain to your family for hiding it longer and involving their grandchildren in your story. Pain to your kids who get to see that painful separation OR even more painful denial. Like Maha, this drama is too complicated for most women to go into.

    They just continue with their lives and hide their secret. Maha, do not take this personally. This has been the way he is since birth. I had a girlfriend for 2 years and a boyfriend for 2 years. I am Jordanian. I am a Muslim. I believe in Allah.

    Gay Dating in Jordan

    I make an honest living. I have a legitimate career, high-end education, a home, a pet, a loving family. I do not act like a woman or dress weird. I hate leather. List 5 names of men in yor life, one of them is most likely gay. I wish you all the best of luck, success and Ramadan Karim. Flying to Amman for the 1st time in December. Cannot wait to visit the Books Cafe! Patativo in Dubai. I was sorry to know that RGB closed its doors and there is no alternative to a nice dancing and meeting place as it was.

    Finding the only LGBT-friendly venue in Jordan

    I am from Tel-Aviv and visitting Amman often. It seems that the Jordanian tolerance has come to its limit. Hope things will change soon. Homosexuality is a choice not a right, and bad choice at that… Human Rights? How about the right to commit incest or perhaps the right to occasionally visit the barn for a casual carnal encounter with a domestic animal?

    I guess you did not choose to become hetero?

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    When an Israeali leaves a positive comment on Jordan it means fortunately he is not intolerant, he has non prejudices against the Arabs and he is honest and open enough to deal with his feelings. Dear Sam life is beautiful because there is more under the sky than we can think of or imagine.

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    Allah made the world the way it is, and we shall be happy about it and welcome diversity and variety as long as there is no violence and no abuse. It is so sad that RGB is gone. I always looked forward to being comfortable and seeing so many gay men together.

    I sure hope that something happens or that I. I had the best time when I was there. So Iwill go to Booksaat. In fact I really loved that whole place…and the atmosphere. But when a person tells me that being gay is not a choice just like being hetero is not a choice; that is where I draw the line of reason. Now I admit a person can become gay such that when he makes that conversion being hetero stops being a choice.

    Homosexual is something you become, not something you are.

    Gay Travel Guide: Muscat, Oman

    He took my country from my by force, but hey, hey has nothing against me!!! And please, no need to bring Allah into this. Now sammy boy if you can actually hold your own in an argument, religious or otherwise, you can come over mine and i promise to take you just a bit more seriously …. I possibly try to love and respect all human beings and living creatures.

    If they are here and if they were born or created by the Creator assuming we are believers it will certainly be not myself to judge which among them deserve to be here and whioh ones do not: A man or a woman can be at times positive at times negative, making love does not necessarily imply penetration…, I will not go into deeper details as we are all adults around here and I suppose we all know about these things.

    What is the best date you ever had in Amman? I never had that experience of the 'perfect date' yet, but I might've if I gathered all the ones I went through. I remember this guy that I went out with like a year ago, we went for this veggie sank, we walked to the ice cream shop then we sat on a side walk in a calm street under the street light. I knew the kinds of questions to ask, which led him to tear a little? It was a nice memory at a nice time? Amman is an on growing city that is developing into the open mind culture, you see straight people partying and socializing with the gay people, and the metro-sexual scene is starting to show.

    Amman is starting to appeal to the new cool. Events are just every where; you just have to look for them. I like that's open minded, welcoming and friendly when it wants to be. When you put an effort into an outfit or so, people realize it and they tell you so, even on the streets? Other things that I admire in Jordan is the rise of the educational percentage, awareness toward many issues like pollution, health, child abuse, women's rights, and HIV?

    What are some great restaurants for a night out with gay friends there? You'll just love him. It's perfect for gay night outs with the friends. What are some great restaurants for a romantic gay date? What about these restaurants appeals to you? My favorite would be 'Fame', it's a restaurant between the 5th circle and 6th circle, I just love the quiet, jazzy atmosphere it generates the person. The service is just perfect and the music is just soothing.