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Read up on the most unique and LGBTQ inclusive dating apps out there. of the gender binary to express their gender identities accurately.
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Story from Queer Voices. When "lesbian" dating app HER launched in the U. Before, there wasn't a successful dating app made specifically for women who love women because, FYI, HER isn't just a lesbian dating app: Bisexual and queer women can use it, too.

The days of aimlessly sifting through Tinder are now over.

Gay men had Grindr, straight people had Tinder and about 5, other dating apps , but queer women were forced to use apps made with other people in mind. So Tinder isn't as useful to women who are swiping on women as it is for women swiping on men. For cisgender meaning, not transgender lesbians, bisexual women, and otherwise queer women, the app breathed new life into our dating options.

This was a space clearly built for us. But a lot has changed in the last few years: So HER is changing with the times. The app launched a new look Thursday morning , getting rid of the hidden-undies logo the 'E' looks like a woman wearing bikini-cut underwear that was once funny but now seems a little too exclusive. Because, truthfully, many queer women would never wear bikini-cut underwear and many people who use the app don't even identify as women.

4 queer dating apps that are totally changing the game

So, the new logo no longer makes assumptions about what a woman's body looks like, and instead uses an 'E' that has four bars instead of three to represent the idea of fluidity. Related Stories. FYI Straight Women: Being A Lesbian Isn't Easier. Lesbian Lingo, Explained. And it's not only the logo that's getting an upgrade.

What Most Dating Sites Don’t Understand About Queer Dating

If you look at the images and words used to describe HER on their social media feeds , on app stores , or even in the app itself, you'll notice a change. Exton and the HER crew recruited 43 of the app's users for a photoshoot and are using those photos to promote the app. If you are a lady, expect to see dudes. If you are a dude, expect to see ladies. If you are anything in between, expect to be massively frustrated. Tinder is pretty clearly and unapologetically for straight people.

This Dating App for Queer People Is About More Than Appearances - them.

Plenty of Fish is another of the big dating sites that is getting basically everything wrong. Users are able to list themselves as being interested in either men or women, but not both. And if you think that you might beat the system by including information about your sexuality and gender identity in your profile, think again.

For everyone else, this dating app is a bit too exclusive. Of all of the queer dating apps we tried out, this one is by far the best -- probably because it is specifically designed to be for LGBTQ women sorry, guys. Here you have tons of options for everything from gender to orientation to relationship preference.

The only complaint we have about this app is that it is specifically for women. With so many amazing options for identification from cis to trans, the exclusion of men seems downright arbitrary. So what do you think of the grades we gave these dating apps? Do you know of any great queer dating apps that we missed? BioFilm, Inc. We will use your information only for Biofilm, Inc. You can change your mind at any time by clicking unsubscribe in the footer of any email we send you or by contacting customer. We will treat your information with respect.

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Queer Women's Most Popular Dating App Has A Fresh New Look

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