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Interested in AsianDating? Better read this first! All important information you need to know before signing up about prices, members, safety and.
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I joined Asiandating. I contacted only girls who can speak English. I asked every girl if she wants to go on a date with me…in the first message.

13 Best Free Asian Dating Sites (12222)

I will land in Phnom Penh on the 24 th of February. Would you go on a date with me? The best thing is that they are into Western guys with Christian values. And that they are looking for a serious relationship. I could share a lot more messages like this one: Well, what can I say? I look very young for my age. On AsianDating, I had a different experience. I received messages like this one from traditional Malay girls….

It works like gangbusters. The Philippines is still the easiest country to find a girlfriend or wife. Even the girls who travel a lot and have seen something from the world want to meet men like us. In this country you are in demand. The result: I think I can take this as a yes…. I had to know it. I had to find out if this Asian dating site works in my home. This AsianDating review made me even more excited. Just look at this amazing message…. These girls really want to meet Western men. You already know that. But do you also know where this Asian dating site works the best? Malaysia China Singapore Japan Taiwan.

Do you know why?

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They do their best to protect their members from scams. They allow you to report any message that looks suspicious. None of the girls I chatted with asked me for money. The high response rate, the normal replies and the fact that I met my girlfriend on a Cupid Media site prove that the girls are real. Just look at how beautiful she is. And you will. I received messages and I shared more than 20 of these messages with you. None of them!

It was worth it because it proved something that I already know. Contact the Cupid Media support team. What if you think that one of the girls tries to scam you? Well, use your common sense and do NOT…. Even though there's no need to report a cute message like this one. You can join for free. You can look at the profiles of millions of beautiful Asian girls for free.

AsianDating Review April - Scam or Real Dates? -

You can send interests and messages for free. You rank below all the men who have a Gold and Platinum Memberships. You can choose the Gold Membership: Or you can choose the Platinum Membership: Because I chose the Platinum Membership, I enjoy the following benefits: I have a fancy VIP profile highlighting that attracts girls like shit attracts flies. How do I do that? What if you are a free member or a Gold Member? Here are the pros: The site has more than 2. As soon as you have a premium membership, girls will contact you.

Most girls reply and most do it within 24 hours. One message can be enough to get a date. The monthly membership options are affordable and there are no hidden costs. The Advanced Search function allows you to search and find girls in every possible Asian country. Have a look at the cons: Without a premium membership you are like a fish without water. Not every girl on the site can speak English. This brings me to the following question: Is it the best Asian dating site?

AsianDating Review with 183 Replies from 11 Countries

The answer: What if you only want to date girls from a particular Asian country? You want to date girls from all kinds of different Asian countries? Or maybe you just want to enjoy a hell of a ride…just like I did from to Now I prove it. Once you are on the homepage, you have to do three things. You type in your first name or a nickname You choose a password You type in your email address. Well, you want to date Asian women. That means that the right profile picture… 1.

I know that you can do it. What do I mean by that? You can also choose…. How good her English skills are. How educated she is.

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How religious she is. Your Interests besides Asian Women I know that you have yellow fever. Then share it! The Personality of a Man with Yellow Fever What are the secret ingredients to an unbeatable personality profile on this Asian dating site? Honesty Humor Balls of steel.

My profile is honest and at least somewhat funny. Not that they look weird, but the sheer number of attractive girls on the site is a bit odd but maybe it's also because I'ms slowly developing yellow fever.

Member Structure

Normally, I'd be wary to see if they were scammers or hookers. However, the photos weren't like you normally see. They were in a variety of situations, had filled out profiles, and most actually messaged back without trying to get money from me so if they are scammers then they definitely aren't the usual ones.

ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!

There seem to be a decent amount of other white guys, but a lot of them are like mid 30's, have some sort of asian fetish way beyond yellow fever , and are fat and bald. This is based on what some of my dates that I met on asiandating. I can say that if you are looking for Asian women and men, this is a good site for match making. You can choose the type of relationship that you are looking for, whether it is just for friendship or for marriage. I have also tried the option of doing a standard search, filtering information by gender, age, country, as well as the date in which the other member was last active.

After a month of enjoying the standard membership, I decided to try the platinum option. Asian Dating is a website that is very easy to use. I am not really a techy, but I can navigate through the site easily. It is one of the best asian dating sites that is available on the web these days. The website is well-organized in a way that even members who do not use English as their main language can use it easily. It seems like I agree with other people's experience other asiandating. What makes it unfavorable, however, is the presence of untruthful members and scammers. The site itself is clearly legit, but you have to be careful of other members.

Some are real people looking for dates while others are clearly trying to get your money. There are other websites that also offer similar services, including Asian cupid. What I noticed however, is that even if you are not yet a member with any of these sites, it is quite easy to tell the difference between the two. Most of the members on other asian dating sites have really bad English. It was pretty hard communicating with them via message.