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Central Park (cruising area) in New York part of the gay guide to New York United States.
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Central Park Rambles, Gay York Cruising Areas

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Rendezvous in the Ramble

Within 4 blocks. Good for Kids. Dogs Allowed. Category Parks. Active Life. Sponsored Results.

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Gun For Hire. All Results. Central Park. The Yoga Trail at this location. Thugs, freaks, tree smokin, blacks, latin and obsessive white guys. There has been a raise in entrapments and other anti-gay police misconduct in NYC. The Gay City News focuses needs to know what's going on. Therefore, please send them a short "witness report" by e-mail. You can contact them through the following e-mail address: Alas, the days of threeways, fourways and moreways in the open are long gone, especially on the peninsula.

For several years, doing anything anywhere but deep in the bushes way, waaayyy away from any paved walk or well worn path is really just asking for problems with the popo. There is not enough cover anywhere in the winter. Guys - be careful here. I walked through tonight just to see if anyone was out in the cold, and at about 6: They were getting it on in the peninsula. The cops were two young guys who had been hanging out, and then one of them approached the guys going at it and arrested them.

I then saw a bunch of other guys around the Rambles who I assumed to be cops as well.

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Watch out. Too cold this time of year. Is this place still happening? Had my first time here a few years ago with a topless jogger. Cumming back to NYC in a week and would love to play with some hotties if it's still hot here This place was hot a few months ago, but now the cops are patrolling like crazy.

What's going on? I ran into a guy in his 40's I'd say. We figured it was to visible. We headed west.

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  • He was headed to Central Park West. Carrying a little black bag, dressed like he was a model at banana republic. If you think this is you please email me. I know this is a long shot. The Ramble is probably busiest shortly after sunset, before it is completely dark. You might want to consider going while it is still light to scope out the lay of the land and find your way around a little bit, since some of the most active areas get pretty dark and are not well lit at night. As noted before there is work going on with large areas fenced off, and areas where the work is finished are now free of brush and filled with bright lights.

    Hope you enjoy your visit to NYC Oh yeah, it is a bad idea to stay past closing time at 1: The cops can be very aggressive and will ticket people for being in the park past that time. No idea what they would do to a foreign visitor. From Brattleboro, Vt: Go north on SR for 8.