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Cruising in Kansas City, Missouri. English Deutsch. Cruising in Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City Missouri cruising map with gay areas and spots where to practice Cruising in an anonymous way.

Kansas City Gay Bars: Cruise Bar

Gay contacts from Kansas City, Missouri. Cruising areas most visited in Kansas City, Missouri There are no nearby spots.

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By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Then I go there - and hook up with them. Heck, we might even ride our bikes spontaneously! In public! I will happily grant you that there is a Gay Cotton Pickin' Fair. I am still looking for a Straight one Savoir Faire. Well, with how wide spread "gay cruising" spots are, it appears as though it is a well-known and mainstream activity within the gay community.

I've seen a lot of stuff most people haven't had the pleasure. And I've come to the conclusion that most folks would be absolutely shocked if they could see what I've witnessed. Originally Posted by Savoir Faire. I didn't see you typed a word. I said you insinuated.

Kansas City Gay Bars

Re-read what I said for comprehension. I'm not sure people know how incredibly wide-spread "gay cruising areas" are, where gays go to have sex in public, which is often parks. This is the most elaborate website I could find via Googe with a quick search, but search Google using different combinations of relevant words and you'll find many sites that are guides to places where gays meet up to have sex in public. Go ahead, search for gay crusing areas in your city. If you don't believe it, go check out an area indicated for yourself.

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  8. Look for men sitting in cars by themselves. The liberals can't deny everything I've just said is a fact and real. So, how many gay crusing areas are in your neighborhoods, towns, and cities? Are any of the parks places you take your kids or let them go off to play alone?

    How come there aren't similar areas for straight people to meet up and have sex in public?

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    • Are there places in your town where guys cruise for anonymous sex?;

    What's the difference between homosexuals and straights that accounts for this behavior variation? Any gays on here care to be honest and open and explain to the rest of us more in depth how these gay cruising areas work? Being that homosexuals are a tiny minority of the population, and heterosexuals the vast majority, WHY is there not an extensive, nation-wide network of "cruising areas" for straight people to meet and have sex with strangers in parks and public places? Originally Posted by Rlarson Gay cruising areas are SO early 20th century. Those types of places have been disappearing rapidly ever since the s, when gay bars became prevelent in most of America's major cities..

    In fact, gay bars themselves have been in rapid decline ever since the late 90s. Don't let the advertisements on the internet fool you. If you go there looking for sex, I doubt you will find any. In the past, before there were many gay bars, there were gay cruising areas. Some of the few older gay men I know speak about them.

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    Piedmont Park in Atlanta used to be a huge one. Then gay bars started to pop up and gay men and women didn't need cruising areas to get laid. They could go to a local bar and meet someone under much safer circumstances.